•                                Sheet metal forming

    2 D laser cutting


    Laser cutting offers unparalleled quality at a highly productive cutting speed.

    With our CO2-TRUMPF Laser systems, we are able to process every material that can be cut with laser.

    Our well-organized warehouse guarantees a high stock availability. We have every kind of metal plates ready for you, up to 3.000 x 1.500 mm.


    Working area: 3000 mm x 1500 mm

    Steel: 25 mm Thickness with size 3000 mm x 1500 mm

    Vanadium: 20 mm Thickness with size 3000 mm x 1500 mm

    Aluminum: 10 mm Thickness with size 3000 mm x 1500 mm


    We stay in close contact with companies operating laser plants and water-jet cutting plants. In this manner, we can also take orders for heavier plate as well as materials that cannot be processed using laser cutting.




    Our machines are equipped with all the necessary software. Therefore we are able to guarantee a quick and professional processing of your orders.

    It doesn't matter if it's a drawing, a sketch or a .DXF file — we'll always find the best solution for our client.


    Including all the secondary treatments: galvanization, plating, chrome plating, bronzing, hot-dip galvanization, phosphating, barrel finishing, or rather vibratory finishing, quenching, hardening, tempering, grinding, polishing, broaching, coating etc.


    Additional manufacturing capacities:

    - Centre punching

    - Engraving components using a laser


    Laser cutting Tube machining

    With our laser machines we produce 3D sections of square, round and special profiles. The cutting head and the controlled fixing clamps perform precise cutting at an angle, beveling and machining of more complex shapes. We can also provide laser cutting of pipes.


    The maximum length of the piece that can currently be treated is: 3000 mm — from Ø140 to max. Ø440 mm

    Free passage: 20 to 140 mm (continuous tool - different lengths)

    Wall thickness: stainless steel up to 6 mm, structural steel up to 20 mm, aluminum up to 4 mm.


    Depending on the profile and on the quality of the cutting, it is also possible to cut thicker walls. Another major advantage is that the tubes are machined "off-the-peg" in a single setup. It is possible to avoid elaborate systems and alignment works through spigots and bend connections.


    CNC Edging technology


    As a full-range supplier, one of Schleich's most important services in sheet metal forming is CNC bending. In order to be able to manufacture large assemblies, we use modern CNC folding presses from the TrumaBend series by Trumpf with a press force of up 130 t.


    With our folding presses, we can manufacture individual parts and series with lengths of up to 3000 mm.


    Our many years of experience, together with an angle sensor ACB that measures and regulates the bending angle during the process, ensuring precision work.

    Programming is done in-house with the Trumpf-Software TrumaBend.


    + short delivery periods

    + powder coating through partner companies

    + cost-effective production



    We are also able to produce round and conical components in order to meet the customer's expectations.

    Max. sheet length: 2000 mm

    Max. material thickness: 3 mm


    Profile bending

    Of course, bending square-, rectangular, T- and I-sections is part of our service.

    Areas of application: metalwork, plant engineering, mechanical engineering, vehicle manufacturing, design products.


  •                                Mechanical processing

    CNC - milling

    Our core competency is the economic 5-axis simultaneous machining of milled parts.
    Therefore, we offer high-quality precision milled parts obtained through CNC-technology.


    Our machinery stands out for its high flexibility and minimum machining times. For our customers,
    this means economical production of simple workpieces or even of geometrically complex parts.

    It doesn't matter if you need one single sheet or a mass-produced component.


    CNC milling parts made of steel, stainless steel, aluminium, brass, GGG-non-ferrous metals as well as plastics.

    Jig-making and prototyping in accordance with drawings, samples, models or other instructions.


    We are also a supplier to the industry. We manufacture their units on an industrial scale, producing high quantities at reasonable rates. You can benefit from our exhaustive know-how and our longstanding experience in the area of CADCAM developing and fabrication.


    Here are some of the data formats we can directly process:

    - DWG

    - DXF

    - VDA

    - STEP


    (Working lengths 1000 mm / 600 mm)

    (Our partners support us in machining of big sized work pieces)



    CNC turning

    We manufacture complex, high-precision workpieces with the most modern CNC machines. We manufacture customer-specific prototypes as well as small serial and large-scale production from all difficult-to-machine materials.


    Our competency lies in the complete processing of highly complex turned parts. Moreover, we offer every heat treatment and surface treatment in cooperation with other experienced companies.

    We assemble your components to meet your expectations — with great care and know-how.




  •                                Special machinery

    You can benefit from our exhaustive know-how and our longstanding experience in the area of special machinery.


    Having many problems? We have many solutions. This is proven by the wide range of machines we produce in order to meet the special needs of our customers. Our company develops custom-made machines and prototypes for all sectors.


    Some of the special machines we produce:

    - Textile printing machines

    - Flocking machines

    - Water treatment plants

    - Special machines for the environmental technology.

    - Special machines for exhaust air treatment

    - Wheelchair cassette lift

    - Paper machines


    Additional service in the mechanical engineering area:

    - Repair works

    - Modernization of all types of machines and assemblies


    Spare parts service:

    - Purchase, acquisition

    - In-house production


    From planning right up to assembly and maintenance: you'll get everything from us, everything under one roof.



  •                                Welded assemblies

    Schlaich is your competent and reliable partner for everything concerning welding. It doesn't matter if it's an individual part or a sophisticated welded construction, if it's a DWG data or a hand drawing; we offer everything under one roof.


    We weld all current materials, such as:

    - Steel

    - Stainless steel

    - Aluminum

    - Brass


    In our welding shop we apply a wide range of techniques:

    - MIG welding

    - MAG welding

    - WIG welding

    - Spot welding

    - Stud welding




  •                                Component assembly

    Assembling simple components and complex structures. Upon request, we develop mechanical, pneumatic or electric components starting from procured components or from the ones we produce in-house, then combine them into a complex assembly.


    Our qualified staff offers the highest quality.


    We can take on the complete logistic task for you, from the purchase to the delivery — always in time!


    The product range is subject to constant enlargement and adaptation, thanks to our surface treatment partner, working in the following areas:


    - Hardening

    - Eroding

    - Interleaving

    - Grinding



  •                                Contract services

    Contract processing of tool-, fixture- and machine components etc. is a key element of our services. Don't you have enough capacities, or do you have just small productions, so that it isn't worth buying the machines? From material sourcing to production, we perform every task in a secure, reliable and efficient way, offering you the best quality.


    There are the jobs we can do for you:


    - Sheet metal forming

    - Cuttings up to 3000 mm length

    - Laser cutting

    - Edging


    - Mechanical processing

    - Locksmithing

    - Turning

    - Milling

    - Drilling

    - Stamping


    - Welding


    - Surface engineering

    - Sandblasting

    - Pickling

    - Varnishing


  •                                Surface engineering

    - Glass bead blasting

    We use our glass bead blasting system (with a capacity of 1 m³) to treat the surface of little uncoated areas. We stay in close contact to our partner companies in order to be able to take also larger orders. Using a grinding unit or barrel finishing to deburr and clean small components.


    - Varnishing

    Experience in varnishing both metals and non-metals with many lacquering systems.


    Other surface refinements:

    - Galvanic refinement

    - Chromium plating

    - Nickel plating

    - Quenching and tempering

    - Hot-dip galvanization

    - Burnishing

    - Coating



  •                                Logistics

    For delivery to customers in our area, we use our own vehicle fleet. Shipment to the customers in other regions are made via parcel service or forwarding agency. This ensures that your products reach their destination in perfect condition and on time.




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